Pretty Little Liars Theories & Clues
Theory #44 - Byron is Bethany’s Father

So the latest revelation in PLL is that Mrs. DiLaurentis had an affair with Bethany’s father. BUT, none of us know who Bethany’s father is….or anything about Bethany really, except that she was in Radley. So who could her father be? ….Could it maybe be Byron?

1) History of mental health. In 2x09 Byron reveals that he had a brother, Scott Montgomery, who had [presumably] killed himself. He reveals he is worried that Mike may be going down the same path….Looking back, doesn’t it seem odd that Byron would mention that? And it is never brought up again? And psychological problems ARE genetic. And we know Bethany was in Radley. 

 2) The blackmail. Apparently Alison KNEW about her mother’s affair with Bethany’s father. What if that is what she was ACTUALLY blackmailing Byron about? Not about Meredith (or at least not entirely, maybe both?) but about his love child? Byron was forking up a LOT of money….

3) Speaking of which! Aria is the oldest. If Byron had another child before her, there’s a chance Byron and Ella were not even together yet. There’s a chance no one could know except for him…

4) Iceland. What if there was more to leaving for Iceland? The whole trip has always seemed really random to me. Like there has to be more to it. What if it is because Byron had just lost a daughter? Bethany.

5) The photo album. In “The First Secret”, Byron is looking through a photo album, where we can see two young blonde girls. It might just be a production slip, but what if it’s a much bigger clue?

(photo by prettylittlesecrethints)

6) Eddie Lamb. Remember when Eddie thought he recognized Aria? That was weird, right? What if it is because of a family resemblance? Or maybe even a photo Bethany had of her “family”. 

7) The writers confirm Byron is creepy. Oliver Goldstick was quoted saying “Byron has always been many shades of wrong.” 

8) History of affairs. Mrs. DiLaurentis AND Byron both have histories of affairs. This would not be out of character for either of them. 

9) Detective Tanner. In 5x11 Detective Tanner visits Byron. That seems random, doesn’t it? She said she was talking to all the parents, yet we only see her with Byron. She makes a comment to him about how someone is trying to complicate the investigation. What if it’s Byron? Trying to lead the police away from the fact that he is Bethany’s father?


So what if this is why Alison REALLY chose Aria? Perhaps the same reason she chose Spencer? Because they share a sibling. 

Could this be Byron’s dark secret? A parent’s dark connection to it all? Aria’s connection to it all? Let me know what you think. xo

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