Pretty Little Liars Theories & Clues
What if Mona really was drawing her own blood to fake her death, but -A got to her first and killed her before she could get away? One of the Liars' purses is supposed to be "bleeding" in the Christmas episode. What if -A puts one of Mona's blood bags in there? Almost like a "it wasn't enough to save her" message.

That’s exactly what I thought when I saw that message! Not necessarily -A, but someone having one of Mona’s blood bags. xo

I really hope that after the end of the series, we can go back and watch the show again and everything makes sense. I don't want any unanswered questions to be left after the end!

Same!!!! xo

So remember how eddie lamb recognized aria.....i found that aria did go to radley and visit mona in 3x7.

Thanks doll (: Hmm but Eddie wasn’t introduced until 3x22 though. I know Eddie was already working there at the time, but it seems like there was something more in him recognizing her….xo

Also, "-Was Ali ever pregnant?" I think it was Mona that said it was a false alarm and "-Who is beach hottie?" That's Ezra ( Beach Hottie = Board Shorts )

Mona did say it was a false alarm, but I’m not really sure I believe Mona….or else that story was just thrown in randomly for the hell of it. idk. And presumably beach hottie and board shorts are two different people. Beach hottie is from Cape May. xo

In 2x20, Jason tells Spencer that Ali had three envelopes with $5,000 in each one. We know she asked Byron for $5,000 dollars twice right? Not three times. So who did she get the other money from? Do you think she might have been blackmailing someone else?

We don’t know officially that it was twice. We just know that it was more than once. But I absolutely think Ali was blackmailing more than one person. xo

You can't just make up a last name for a child. One of Bethany's parents has to be a Young. So Byron and Jessica being Bethany's parents is highly unlikely unless they gave her up for adoption. However, I'm sure mr d would be suspicious if his wife was pregnant and gave up the second child. So I think these theories need to be better thought out...

Or someones maiden name….xo

What was the deal with the video the girls saw of ian, then all of a sudden you see Alison's hand on the floor like she'd been hit? Did that ever get explained?

-A sends them the rest of the video, which shows Alison clutching the ground like that, then releasing, then getting up and picking up the camera and pointing it at Ian. But supposedly “they didn’t have sex” LOL. xo

Is there going to be a halloween and a christmas episode? Btw love your blog! :)

The Halloween “episode” is not really an episode, it’s a Q&A with the cast. But there WILL be a Christmas themed episode (: xo

After rewatching the episode the episode of the ghost train and reading your followers awesome pick up that that ghost was Bethany.. Listen to what she talked about... She talked about her sister who she fought with all the time... Is her sister Ali? We now know Bethany has a sister ...

Could be sisters! Not twins though. xo

I see a lot of ppl insisting that Alison is A, /wanting/ Alison to be A, but for me that would be so anticlimactic. Way too expected to be interesting at this point. Much more compelling if one of the liars (or even a parent) is A. Loving all your theories & picking-up of clues. The mental illness angle is particularly intriguing...

I agree! Since the pilot originally aired and they got the text “A is for Alison not for Amateur” I was like “Oh Alison is -A”. They could explore a lot more, BETTER angles than that! xo