Pretty Little Liars Theories & Clues
i thought that the thing that hanna said to sydney was about how they were in New York???

She said a LOT of things she shouldn’t have said. The accidentally said Shana instead of Jenna, then mentions New York. She should have just kept her mouth shut (; xo

I absolutely love Alison but this is the first episode where i feel she has been really false, attention seeking and lying so comfortably and easily. Its weird and detracts from her sincerity. Do you agree?

Yes, I do not think Alison is being sincere at ALL. xo

Okay, in season 2 finale, when Aria is dancing with Ezra, she is wearing black leather gloves, maybe she is one of the A's?? idk I was just like ??woaah??

I thought the black leather gloves were weird too (; xo

Team Emison or Team Hanna? I personally think Ali+the rest of the girls are going waaay too hard on hanna

I don’t think either of them are being fair right now. Hanna has had a bad attitude. But the girls have also been way to hard on her. xo

After last episode I kinda think that the "Ali" in Spencer's yard wasn't Ali if you know what i mean.. looked different! I really hope they won't do the twin theory :) Also I think that Bettany saw Mrs. D push Toby's mom in Radley and go out to revenge and to look for Mrs. D and she is actually the one who buried her. But if she buried her where she buried Ali she must've know that Ali escaped and that she was alive the whole time. Sorry for my english. Love your blog.. voted for you x 100

I agree with you that it didn’t really look like Ali. Maybe one of her alter egos? And thank you doll <333 xo

This was a weird scene to me…….I don’t know why……

Do the casts know who A is? I see different theories about who's A, and some of the reasons mentioned the Liars (cast) doing certain poses in promo and covers that might implied that they're A. So do you know if the actual A knows that she's A? Or does the cast not know at all?

The cast does not know! xo

Do you have a theory about Sydney? I am so curious how she is connected to everything.

I think she might be Jenna’s sister or cousin or something. Not totally sure yet though. xo

So in episode 1x02, Spencer tells the girls that the summer Ali went missing she was secretly dating an older guy who had a girlfriend. Do you think she was referring Ian as the guy and Melissa as the girlfriend or a completely different couple (like boardshorts)?!?

I think she was referring to either Ian or Ezra (who may have been with Jackie at the time). xo

Why are the girls mean to Hanna? I mean just because she's not bowing down to Ali and letting her run her over doesn't mean the girls need to be rude to her.

I don’t think the other girls know the extent of how negatively Ali affected Hanna. They think that Hanna should OBVIOUSLY be happy that their friend they thought was dead is actually alive, but it’s not that simple. xo