Pretty Little Liars Theories & Clues
Who do you think is the best looking boy on PLL? I think Caleb, he's just so so gorgeous!!!

Definitely Ezra and Caleb <3333 xo

Can you post the link to you're unanswered questions page please?
I really have this strange feeling that mona's killer was mike wearing a blonde wig.... to see mona's look when she saw the killer, she herself never saw it coming... and I still think that Aria is still a part of this A thing or maybe she is really A, I dont know but there's always something wrong about that girl....but she's one of my favorite characters though... =)

omg that would be so sick and twisted, but I love it! Maybe Mike thought Mona was after Aria again, so he killed her? Ugh! Love it! xo

How much members of the A Team do you think there are?

Well we once saw 5 hoodies in the -A lair, and -A buying 5 black hoodies. So I’m going to say 5 (: But it could be much, much more. xo

You mentioned that perhaps it was the attacker who got killed, not Mona, but we actually see her leaving Mona's house right?

We see someone with BROWN HAIR taking the Jesus doll, not leaving Mona’s house. Not necessarily the attacker. xo

A lot of people have been saying Janel has said Mona is really dead. But we have to remember that the cast doesn't get to know everything before it happens. They get surprised just like the rest of us. I definitely agree that I think Mona planned the whole thing!

OMG such a good point!!!!!!! xo

Note 1... 'Bethany is much more angry today, much more than usual, she is __ __ __ aswell as expressing it in bod (body?) __ __ is __ how angry she is. How she used a happy family and how 'she' came along and ruined it __ __ __ go home now, she kept repeating, __she really liked me. But everything she ever said was a lie. Bethany kept mentioning 'she'. After __ Bethany admits that she is talking about __ (jessica) Dilaurentis. According to Bethany, her father in __ an affair with Mrs DiLaurentis

"Note 2 ‘Examination General appearance, well nourished, no obvious distress, active, well hydrated. Skin normal, moist warm. Head normocephalic d…tic (?). Eyes red reflex present, PERRL, no eye discharge, f…d normal. Ears TM’s (or TM’5) bialaterally. [Nose. e.t.c It basically goes on detailing most aspects of her body but it seems everything is pretty much normal. It was just too long to write out]"

THANK YOU! My followers are the best! You are a saint! xo

Hey! Sorry I'm a bit confused so you're saying the tweezers scene was to store blood?

No, but I think it’s where she got the idea. xo

You are brilliant! That tweezer blood scene has always bothered me, makes complete sense in your theory though! I'm convinced we haven't seen the last of Mona.

Thanks doll. Same (; xo

It would be so cool if your blog hits 1,000,000 views before the end of season 7!

I know! lol. I’ve been thinking the same thing. I’ve been checking it every day (: lol. xo