Pretty Little Liars Theories & Clues
Joy to the newborn king - new baby A new addition to the montgomery family - MAYBE ELLA IS PREGNANT

Queen* but AW!!! I would love it if Ella were pregnant. Or maybe Ashley! Awwww!! xo

I can't stand how nasty Emily was to Hanna in the last episode.. or Emison in general. I just loved Paige so much.. what are your thoughts on those storylines?

I agree about how snotty Emison has been. But I do NOT like Paige. xo

When Marlene said glory to the new born queen I thought she meant someone was going to have a baby

Ooooooh very interesting. That thought hadn’t crossed my mind. Maybe! xo

Just to say that tweet that has been circulating saying that Marlene tweeted sonething about A.M and B.Y is fake she never tweeted it

I assumed so! Thanks for confirming doll! (: xo

Why do you think Ali wanted Jenna to think she was dead?

Maybe she thought Jenna was the one who wanted to kill her? And if Garrett didn’t do it, she would have gotten someone else to do it? Honestly I don’t know. That is still one of the strangest things to me. xo

You put in your unanswered questions why Ali blackmailed Byron but I think she said In one episode that she just needed the money? LOVE your blog ❤️❤️

What 15 year old needs thousands of dollars? I doubt it was for a purse or a pair of shoes. I always assumed it was because she was saving up to run away, but she says that was Mona’s plan, not hers. So idk. xo

Congrats!! You definitely have the best theories!!!

Thanks doll <33 I definitely have the best followers (: xo

you deserved it! I voted for you like thirty times! your theories are the best! -R

Aw thank you doll <33 You’re amazing! xo


Best theories:

1. rosewood-clues

2. analyzinga

3. prettytheories

omg!!! I was voted Best Theories blog by blogawardspll!!! (:

You dolls are amazing!

I know it wouldn’t be possible without all your votes <333


Do you know how many seasons there will be? I Think Aria Can be big -A! I am just trying to figure out why! Sorry for my english, love your blog! :)

Right now they are confirmed for 7, and I don’t think they’ll go any longer than that. Your English is great doll, thank you <33 xo