Pretty Little Liars Theories & Clues
Did you see you the news about a possible PLL movie to follow after they end the series? Marlene said that was I. Her big plan to put it on the big screen! :) Do you think they should make a movie or would that ruin the feel of the show?Thoughts?:)

I would love it, but I’m afraid it would ruin the feel of the show :( xo

Hey :) I was just wondering, has it been confirmed that there is going to be a season 6? Or do you think there will be one? I love your blog btw :)

Thanks doll <33 There is no season 6 confirmed right now, but Marlene has said that the series will be five OR six seasons long. xo

One point: Ian didn't want to push Spencer in the bell tower in season 1 finale. (She obviously fell and he was obviously trying to pull her "back" up). So if Ali was the one who pushed Ian from the tower, it could mean that she wanned to hurt Spencer. Also his words "I'm doing this BECAUSE I love her (Melissa)" could point that Melissa hit Ali with the rock or (more probably wanned to do something to her, but someone "did it first", which he didn't know....

He definitely wanted to hurt Spencer. He was saying how he would just tell people that she fell down the bell tower. And he definitely pushed her down to the ground. Watch the scene again here! xo

i believe that the serie is gonna end happy. Because in the end this serie is a teenage serie. I mean, i think ofc they will find out the truth but i think the serie is gonna end that all the girls (including ali) like go off to university or something. Just a feeling but it would be so american teenage girl serie xxx love ur blog btww u the coolest

Thanks doll <33 I think it will end mostly happy, but I think it will end with them all getting another text from -A. xo

Is it just me who will be really disappointed if they don't tie in the Toby's-mum plot line into the main plot somehow? I felt like they invested too much episode time on that plot line for it to just not go anywhere like it did ... I don't know whether it was a ploy to get more screen time for Toby, but it dragged on for so long I don't want it to have just been wasted time. D: Do you have any thoughts on how it might link in? I know people have suggested his mum was involved etc :)

It did drag on for a LONG time! They WILL include it somehow, I’m just not sure how yet. Maybe….this? xo

Post Alison's four dif. styles?

Clue #4 here! xo

so i actually have a theory, but first things first i need to get something clear: when jason fell from the elevator that he was trapped in with emily, he ended up in the hospital, right? then either emily or spencer was the one who closed the curtains and when they went back jason was gone. did he explain that already in another episode or did he not? cause if he doesn't then i have a theory!

He disappeared, then apparently texted or e-mailed Emily saying he was scared and went to his grandma’s to help out for a little bit. Then Mrs. D confirmed he was helping out his grandma down south. I thought for SURE he was dead before he showed up this season. lol. xo

I saw one of the questions you answered and they were talking about your blog? You have one ? What is it lol? Xo

They were referring to this account! I do not have a personal blog. xo

you probably already answered this but Alison's hair was straight while talking to Byron and then when she returns from talking to him it is back to curly. just a writer's fuck up or?

Pretty sure it’s just a costume mistake. Her hair is actually in four pretty different styles that night. lol. xo

Does it bother you when people who write questions to you steal your signature? Like if I were to write (Just random examples I know the answers to these questions) "Who is Ali? Love you xo" Or like "Can you explain how Ashley got into jail? Thanks doll xo!" Like, I feel like thats your thing, and it bothers me when others (Not to be a kindergardener), but "copy" you. ILYSM!!

lol not at all! I don’t own “xo”, but I like that I have a “thing” on this blog. lol. xo